Who Can Join?

First Financial Bank's Main Street Bank
Club is unique-
it is for valued customers
of any age!
  If you qualify, you are eligible
to enjoy many special benefits and join in
the fun.  Our "Easy Join" bank club has
only one requirement:

Maintain a minimum balance
          of $1,500 in any combination
                of consumer accounts.
             (Checking, Savings, CD's)
             Note:  A joint account covers both
                            husband and wife.


Your Main Street Club membership entitles you to a
host of money saving features.

Membership Card
Free  ATM Debit Card
     To qualify use your debit card on 
     an average of 10 times a month
     during a one year period.
Free  Money Orders
Limit 3 per month
Free  Notary Service
Free  Photocopy Service
Limit 3 at any one time
Fax Service
Free  Credit Card Cash Advance        

Semi-Annual Newsletter
The bank has four notary publics.
Joanne Hoffman, Kathy Dressen,
Zach Krause and Diane Bell.
For all Notary Service, you MUST
sign in the presence
of one of our
four notaries.